About Architect And An Urban Planner

An urban planner is someone who plans and implements a program to increase land productivity. Trusted development & planning experts build communities, support growth, revitalize existing facilities, and create new ones in cities, towns, counties, and metropolitan regions. There are differences and similarities between architects and urban planners. You can also contact the top urban planning firms via https://elevateds.com.au/.

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Differences between the two:

1. An urban planner is a professional who designs the building. It is based on the blueprint created by the architect that the building will be constructed. 

The urban planner on the other hand is the individual who surveys that area to make sure that it is suitable for building construction. 

2. The architect is only concerned about his job profile. The urban planner needs to have information and ideas about all the aspects of the construction industry. 

Similarities between the two:

1. Both are interrelated, more so in the case of urban planners. They have to be in contact with the architect to make sure that the urban planning recommended by them is implemented. 

2. Both of them are interdependent. Their job overlaps at many stages of construction. One cannot progress without the other. 

An architect learns a lot from the urban planner while the latter collects information from the architect regarding the project, as and when required. As such, they are two sides of the same coin.