Benefits Of Lawn Aeration

In this article, we will cover the end goal and the benefits of lawn aeration, diving into each of them and looking at how this can save you time, money, and back-breaking effort and give you a lawn you want to enjoy.

Better lawn drainage

One of the most immediately tangible and predictable benefits is that your lawn will have better drainage. Unsurprisingly, putting hundreds of small holes in your lawn will enable the rain or water from your sprinkler or hose pipe to penetrate deeper into the turf where it sits between the grains of soil away from the dehydrating capabilities of the sun and wind.

This gives better resistance to drought and dry spells. You can also get the best services of lawn aeration by visiting

The improved water level deeper in the soil will also stop pooling and puddling of water on the surface of the lawn and the potential for waterlogging and creating a permanently damp environment where rotting material can cause disease in the grass.

The final benefit of good drainage is the reduction in a runoff where heavy rain or watering can flush away the valuable topsoil and all the nutrients it contains leaving fewer to sustain healthy turf.

A well-aerated soil will absorb and retain more water leading to a healthier turf with less requirement to sprinkle.