Biofeedback Treatment For Many Conditions

Biofeedback (also known as neurofeedback) has been utilized as an alternative treatment for a variety of disorders for several decades. The technique involves electronic monitoring to determine when you have unconscious, physiological responses to a specific stressor.

The instrumentation then emits a signal so that you can become consciously aware of the cause of the physiological change. Then you can either change or eliminate the cause, or consciously modify your reaction to the stimuli.

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Biofeedback techniques have successfully been used to treat conditions including:


Biofeedback works under the theory that many physiological disorders can be caused by inappropriate physiological responses to external stimuli or stresses. There are several levels of stress responses that the body progresses through that you need to understand.

First: Normal response to external stress. This stress can be physical, emotional, or chemical. A normal response is an increase in blood pressure and heart rate to mobilize the body's normal physiological 'flight or fight' response.

This response is normally short-lived, and the physiological increase in bodily functions returns to normal in a short period of time. This recovery time is used by the body to replenish its reserves, store energy, and get prepared for the next 'emergency'. This is a healthy, normal response to stress.

Second: After repeated incidences of external stress, the body habitually acquires this excited state of emergency. The entire nervous system, including the autonomic nervous system, is in overdrive.

The blood pressure is constantly high, the heart rate is high, all the senses are heightened, and the muscles are constantly tight as a 'normal' condition for your body. Insomnia, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, muscular tension, and TMJ problems all occur at this level of the stress response.

Third: After a prolonged period of continual physiological heightened activity, the body depletes its energy reserves and enters into a state of exhaustion. Lethargy, depression, illness, and even death occurs at this level.