Carbonless Paper Printing Services

The 3-Part carbonless paper has three pages. The white top sheet is coated only on the back. The first is the CB sheet which is the original which must be copied. The underside of the leaf is covered with a layer of microcapsules that contain distinct colored shapes.

To make two copies of a document, the document has a white top sheet. These are known as two halves or duplicates.

To make three copies, there is a white cover sheet and two colored sheets directly below it. This is referred to as a triple. Four copies will be named four parts, or four times.

Sometimes users need a batch of ten or more copies. Very easy to do with NCR paper. Carbonless copy paper is delivered by carbonless books printing companies to end-users in blocks or books.

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They are fastened in sets with glue or staples. Loose kits or continuous stationary devices are widely used in printers. Companies can also order as many stacks of carbonless paper as they want.

The CFB list is in second place. The top is covered with a susceptible layer that chemically reacts with the color that develops from the upper CB leaves. At the bottom of the sheet, a transfer layer with microcapsules transfers a copy to the last sheet.