Consider These Factors When Purchasing A Magnetic Knife Holder

Getting a magnetic knife holder is one of the best things you can do for your kitchen. To begin with, the magnetic bars and strips do not need any space on your counter. You can place them on your kitchen wall where you can reach easily and stick them just as easy once finished or once you wash the knives. 

The fact that the magnetic holders remain in open air means bacteria cannot breed because the knives dry very fast. They also create an organized neat look in your kitchen and you can always have your knives handy without risking cuts. But you of course must choose the best to enjoy the benefits. You can now easily look for the best Japanese santoku knife via

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The materials – Magnetic knife holders can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or wood. The material used for the strip can determine the overall look of the holder and you can choose according to the décor you prefer for your kitchen. It is also important that you choose a surface material that will serve your needs for a long.

Magnet strength- The fact that your knives will be hanging from a magnet only means that the strength of the magnets on your strip should be good enough. Remember knives can have different sizes and weights hence the magnet should be able to hold them up without risks of falling off. Always settle for a holder with the highest magnetic strength to avoid disappointment.

Bar length- It is highly unlikely that you will have only one knife in your kitchen. When buying you holder, choose a length that can hold all or most of the knives you use regularly. Most strips are ten inches in length but you can find one as long as 24 inches so multiple knives can be hang at a go. The options are numerous you will definitely find something that is most ideal.