Difference Between Hemp And CBD Tea

Simply steeping dried or raw berry leaves won't create the CBD bioavailable. Some folks smoke the hemp blossom because the cannabinoids are released during combustion, which decarbonizes the oil.

The consequence of this procedure is the raw acid cannabinoids found at the plant material have been converted to the hunted after triggered, decarbed cannabinoids. Hemp tea leaves may be decarboxylated beforehand utilizing proprietary processing methods. You can buy the best hemp tea on the internet.

Some hemp teas are advertised as hemp but do not contain any hemp leaves, but rather contain CBD oil. This isn't really a hemp tea. But simply adding CBD oil to a tea won't always work because OIL AND WATER don't mix and are not easily absorbed by the body.

There are also flavonoids in present in hemp, and while certain teas have their own unique flavanoids, you won't get access to these in plain old CBD oil.

Bio-availability of CBD oil

Because our bodies are mostly water, how much CBD gets absorbed in your body can vary greatly. It is impossible for 100% of the stated CBD amount to get absorbed. But because hemp is unregulated, the claimed CBD content of CBD and how much you can actually absorb can vary greatly.

What about Nano-particles?

There are many companies touting things like 'nano' technology, but often there are ingredients used to 'bind' the oil for emulsification, just like a supermarket salad dressing.