Digital Printing And Everyday Applications

Digital printing helps create many of the images you see on a daily basis, whether it’s from a commercial size printer or the one you use to print out copies of your annual holiday letter.

How it Works

Printing is a form of creating images through several different methods. The most popular forms of digital printing are:

  • Ink Jet
  • Ion Deposition
  • Laser
  • Magnetographics

What makes digital print different from other printing presses is the way is creates its images, which is by way of a computer. Traditional presses use plates to develop and create copies of their images. It also saves time and more paper compared to older forms of printing, thanks to its precision of printing the exact image that shows up on the computer screen before the process begins.

Digital printing - Production of Wallpaper rolls with Xeikon - YouTube

Image source : google

So what makes printing so important to our daily routine you might ask? It’s the way and the amount of time we apply digital print to our everyday lives that makes it so significant. Whether you realize it or not, this form of print pops-up in most of our lives all the time.

Uses for Digital Print

Many professions utilize printing in some way or another on a regular basis. To get a better idea of how prevalent this form of print is, here are some standard applications of digit print:

  • Desktop printing
  • Variable data printing
  • High-end art/printing
  • Publishing
  • Advertising
  • Photography

Thanks to digital print, we are all able to see tons of beautiful pictures throughout our daily lives.