How Safe Is Spray Tanning While Pregnant?

No need to lose self-confidence; embrace your new body and all its changes while still enjoying that year-round color we all love so much. Obviously, self-tanners, lotions, and airbrush tans are all much safer alternatives to sunbathing and cooking your skin for hours on end.

Although keep in mind that these sunless tanners do not protect against the sun's UV rays, and these can still affect you. That is why it is smart to always apply additional sunscreen whether you have a spray tan or not. The sprays and lotions actually act as a stain for the skin, therefore nothing is being absorbed into the bloodstream. Most products are mineral or sugar-based so they pose almost no threat to you or your baby's health.

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Airbrush tans are perfectly safe as long as you use some sort of protection for your eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. You will want to avoid breathing in any of these products. Spray solutions have an ingredient referred to as DHA.

This chemically, while it is not harsh on your skin, can be quite dangerous if you are not in a well-ventilated room. Breathing in enough of this product can be harmful not on you but to your unborn child as well. So always be sure that your technician offers these amenities prior to getting your spray tan.

DHA like I said before is not a dangerous chemical for your skin and is perfectly fine when used topically. Although some experts do suggest that pregnant women wait until their first trimester to use any type of self-tanner just to be completely sure that you will react the same to the product. While pregnant your body's hormone levels are very different and often much higher. This can cause your skin to react differently to products it would not have reacted to before.