How to Find Disney Items – Besides the Parks and Disney Store?

If you’re a really big Disney fan like I am, you probably have more than a few items with their characters or from their parks in your house. You might have a few souvenirs that you picked up the last time you were in Orlando (or Anaheim) visiting the parks.

You might go into the Disney Store often when you go to the mall, to see what new items they have. But let’s face it. Between their store and the parks (which you can only visit while on vacation), there doesn’t seem to be much of a choice on the merchandise you can get.

If you’re really into everything Disney though, or even just like one specific character, I have very good news for you. You can get Disney items online through a Disney box subscription. You can find more about Disney toy box subscription via

Don’t believe me? Well, I’m sure you know that you can get Disney clothing, games, movies, posters, toys, etc. That’s true…and you can find them at a lot of places. But you can also get more interesting items, such as borders for a child’s bedroom, or a shower curtain with your favorite character on it.

What’s even cooler is that there are specialty online stores that sell these items as well. For example, there are stores that sell just rugs, and they have selections of rugs both with the characters on them, and others that are by the Walt Disney Signature Company, but are more sophisticated.

There are stores that sell stationary, and they have a selection of stationary, labels, and invitations with your favorite characters on them. There are even stores that sell Disney checks!