How to Learn to Drive a Car?

It’s not hard work to learn to drive a car. When you are so skilled to drive a car around in the road, you will find driving a car is easier than riding a motorcycle. Before you become a skillful and safe driver, you must know about how to use a clutch and a manual, with the courage of steel and enough patience.

First thing you need to do is read the driver’s training manual provided at your local DMV carefully, knowing about what is permitted to do and not to do. You should be familiar with every term your teacher speaks to you, or you will get confused in practice.

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If you don’t understand a particular section or idea, try to draw a diagram or ask a licensed driver to help you. Pay specific attention to speed limits, the legal blood-alcohol concentration level and the meanings of common traffic signs.

These will all be on the written test in most states. You must take your written test before operating a vehicle. Contact your local driver’s exam station to see when testing hours are scheduled and if you need to make an appointment for the test. Many states now have computerized tests. If you answer a certain number of questions right (usually 75%), you’ll pass. You’ll also have to take vision and hearing tests to ensure that you can safely operate a motor vehicle.