Know About Agile Trasnformation

Agile is a methodology for a way of working and being effective in R&D development. Orchestration is necessary between the development team and many other existing roles to gain success.

For management, agile transformation is not only about changing some methods of working, but the transformation is also about mindset changes, so it is as much a philosophy as it is a methodology.

One hidden philosophy of agile is control. In the agile transformation framework, the control is given to agile teams, meaning ideally no external control shall be necessary. A methodology that may transformation the enterprise from traditional management towards agile leadership.

The What and Why of Business Transformation in 2019

3 fundamentals of Agile methodology or Scrum process are as followings:

Transparency – a great way of building this pillar is visualization. Common realization is that boards depict the workflow.

Monitor – one of the most important aspects of agile methodologies. It enables improvements every day. Through monitoring, we learn where we are now and discover what we need to do to make our vision and mission. Common realization is measuring velocity, feedback through demonstrations and retrospectives.

Fast Forward – establishes micro planning which implements a culture to do the most important thing first. Through micro planning, we merge changes fast and alternative progress path when obstacles are found. One of the key approaches to mitigate risks is by distributing risk elements into smaller timeframes.