Know About Australia Work Visas

Non-Australian citizens who want to work in Australia can either search for a company in Australia that is keen to sponsor them or if appropriate, they can apply for a work holiday visa.

Non-Australian citizens are provided with temporary work visas which are sponsored by their companies. This is the same visa given to people who are visiting Australia for specific purposes such as entertainment and sports competitions. If you want to obtain an Australian work visa, then you can visit

Meanwhile, working holiday visas are available for people who come from the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, Malta and the Republic of Korea. A temporary resident visa gives the people of the nation the opportunity to work in Australia to earn extra income.

The difference is that this visa is actually based on the destination. The main aim is to allow owners to visit and tour Australia for about a year, but at the same time, giving them the opportunity to earn money that may help in paying the cost they incur during their stay.

Apart from temporary residence and work visas, the Australian government has also launched a skilled immigration program to fix the problem of skills shortages in their workforce. This time, it is estimated that an additional 20,000 visas will be made available to qualified workers.

Assessment can be done in consultation with the Australian embassy or by contacting travel agencies are legitimate. There are also sites that offer free online pre-assessment.