Manage New Hire Process With Onboarding Tools

What makes a person successful in an organization? What norms can block new employees and isolate them from their peers? Which process do you need to know? Who are you going for? Who are the "true leaders" in the organization?

This is where onboarding tools for residency interviews become very important. By understanding what your company's strengths are and why people are motivated to stay and what works for them, you can create an onboarding program via that incorporates these attributes for new hires to ensure their success.

Moreover, it is a very powerful tool in the selection process. Hard skills can make a person work, but soft skills make them successful. It is also easy to acquire solid new skills. 

What you can't teach them are the "softer" attitudes and skills that are critical to organizational success. When you know these skills, you know what type of people will be successful in your business.

The mentor's role should be to introduce new employees to people in the organization, perhaps even arrange lunches and meetings, and help train them through the area of organizational politics. It is also very clear that you are lucky that you are already part of the organization and an important part of the team.