River Cruise In St Augustine – Sit Back Relax And Enjoy The Ride

During the colonial time Boat Quay, occupying a part of the six-kilometer river, was then the hub of business and trading activities along the river. Flanked by a few hundred restaurants and majestic buildings, that only adds to the beauty of the venue water cruise in ST Augustine is marveled at by many tourists who visit this destination.

River Cruises & Leisure in St Augustine and Hippo Tours Group handle the river cruises hand in hand and provide routine trips according to a specified time table. Re-engineered pump boats are used for these rides mostly and give you a feel of an authentic boat experience with its wooden decks and arched roofs.

Often called the tale of two quays the beautiful surroundings are a popular venue for many tourists alike. To relax and unwind you would witness many locals sipping a beer or having a hearty laugh at the restaurants that surround the river.

The newest additions to the River experience are the gigantic Ferris wheel in St Augustine. Soak up the sun as your cruise along the river equipped with only with a passion for beautiful surroundings, or be a part of the vibrant nightlife on an evening cruise.

When making Hotel Reservation, if you would like to be a part of this divine venue there is no reason for disappointment. The river is surrounded by many Luxury Hotels that offer star class accommodation. Any Centre hotel in St Augustine offers upscale luxuries with its coveted site. If you are on the lookout for quiet surroundings unlike the Boat Quay area, a few hundred hotels are available for your choice.