Root Canal – When Is It Necessary And Why?

When considering root canal treatment, it is important to have all the information you need to make a decision. Root canal treatment consists of destroying infected or damaged nerve tissue (pulp) and blood vessels on the inner surface of the tooth. 

This is done to save teeth, relieve pain associated with infection and prevent further bone loss in the infected tooth area. When the root canal is done, the canal in the tooth is disinfected and shaped using a small instrument. Click here to get more information regarding root canal in Portland.

After cleaning and forming, the teeth are sealed to prevent further infection and return the teeth to a healthy path. After root canal treatment is completed, a filling material is placed at the top of the tooth to restore the tooth structure. In connection with filling, it is also recommended to install a crown (cover) to protect the teeth and fully restore their shape and function.

It is also important to understand what signs indicate that root canal treatment is needed. Indications that you may need root canals include spontaneous pain, increased sensitivity and persistence of heat and cold, swollen gums and drainage around the infected tooth, and sensitivity to chewing or pressure around the teeth. 

It is also possible to make teeth that require root canal treatment without symptoms. In this case, the diagnosis is made using dental X-rays. There are many causes that can cause the above symptoms. These causes are: deep caries (cavity), repeated dental treatment of one tooth, fractured teeth and / or dental trauma due to collisions.