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Learning to Drive a Car

Your blood gushes excitedly upon absorbing the idea of you driving a car. That’s incredible, isn’t it? Most people think that learning to drive a car is the ultimate experience of their lives. However, you must consider a lot of things before getting started. Responsibility should come together with driving.

You have many lives in your two hands. One is your life, the one with you in the car, and the one just passing by on the road. Learn to drive a car idea is perfect, best of course with perfect supervision, perfect responsibility, and perfect safety in mind.

You can also opt for a driving course ( which is also known as “

หลักสูตรการขับขี่ ” in thai language) if you want to learn driving car.

Driving lessons and driving license examinations

Here are the very basic instructions you must at least remember. Oh, stop! You still need to check some points here. Seatbelt check, vehicle check, environment safety check and ask yourself if you are ready. If you are, then proceed.

First, one must find a responsible instructor to teach you the know-how. This is why driving schools exist in the first place – that’s their purpose. So take a class! Even if you think you know everything, you still need to. Second, get and put the keys into the ignition to start the car, never hesitate! Get the basics before you drive a stick. Automatics are best cars to learn how the easy way to drive. Shift the car to drive reverse depending on the position.

If the car is parked on the driveway – put the car to reverse before going off the road. If the car is already on the street, go and advance forward. Perform a traffic check. Check outside and rear mirrors (that serves its purpose).

Turn your indicator on so that the traffic around you knows you are pulling out. At least, they are warned. Move your foot (your dominant or not) from the brake to the gas pedal and apply little pressure. Don’t go off too quickly.

Obey traffic laws. In case you forgot, green for go, red for stop and yellow for warning. Don’t fail to check traffic enforcers; they’re on the road all the time. Now you’re going smoothly and needs to get down. So park the car slowly. Be sure to put the gearshift into the park mode so it will not run by itself and turn off the ignition. And now you’re done with driving.