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Products To Use For Controlling Nematodes In Canada

There are many types of nematodes. Some are beneficial, others can be harmful. Nematodes can adapt to almost any ecosystem on Earth. They live in high and low elevations as well as in tropical and polar regions.

Most harmful nematodes in soil-based agriculture fall under the category of the sting, lance, or gall. You can get the pest control services from an expert Industry Leader In Nematode Applications In Canada to get rid of harmful pests.

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 The Phytopathological Society estimates that nematodes are responsible for nearly 100 billion dollars in annual plant losses worldwide.

There are three main types of methods to control nematodes: cultural practices, chemical control, and biological control.

Cultural Methods for Nematode Control

Rotating crops can be a great way to manage nematodes. Rotating crops is a good way to control nematodes. If you have tomatoes growing in a field for 2 to 3 years, and then you rotate it to pasture grasses for 2 to 3 years, you can culturally and systematically control the nematodes.

Chemical Control of Nematodes

Fumigants and nervous system toxicants are two examples of chemical controls. Fumigants must penetrate large volumes of soil to be effective. Some of them can also be volatile very quickly. Using large quantities of chemicals can increase the risk and cost.

The Clean Air Act is phasing out methyl bromide (a broad-spectrum pesticide used often for nematode prevention). This has prompted a search for alternative pesticides.

Control of Biochemical and Biological Nematodes

These controls can be used alone or in combination with other controls. These methods can be used to naturally repel nematodes, and improve plant health. This may reduce dependence on chemical control.