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Things To Know About Engine Coolant Heater

There are many names for engine coolant. These include radiator fluid, antifreeze, and radiator coolant. Engine coolant, no matter what name you give it, is vital for every vehicle. It's a mixture of antifreeze, and water (usually a 50/50 blend), and serves many purposes.

It first runs through the vehicle's radiator to remove excess heat and keep the engine from overheating. It also contains antifreeze chemicals that prevent the engine from freezing in cold temperatures. It also prevents corrosion and acts as an oil to the pump and other internal parts. You can also search online for buying the best engine coolant heater.

As you can see, radiator fluid plays a vital role in ensuring that a truck or car runs safely and efficiently. Continue reading to find out when your vehicle's coolant needs to be changed.

Radiator Fluid Flushes

Coolant flush refers to the process of changing or replacing your vehicle's radiator fluid. Coolant flushes are essential for vehicles because they prevent corrosion, prevent overheating, and provide lubrication to internal parts of the engine's water pump and radiator.

You must know the original color of your coolant to be able to identify when it is dirty. Yellow, orange, green and black are the primary colors for engine coolant. Every week, check the color of your radiator fluid. If the color of your radiator fluid starts to change, it is time to replace it.