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best led ring light for video

Basic information about the light strip

LED strip, also known as LED or LED ribbon strip are lighting options that offer great versatility. They offer their users a way to produce professional lighting setups with very little effort required.


Light emitting diodes or LEDs that come with self-adhesive materials generally operate on twelve volts and can be spliced every five or ten centimeters depending on the type of lighting strip that was purchased. If you are looking for the portable lighting system then you can browse the web.

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The use of light emitting diodes corresponds to the lower power consumption compared to older lighting models as fluorescent strip lighting. Research has even shown that LEDs have a longer life with a term of ten years or more. Obviously longevity also offers a cost effective solution for any user.

The main types of LED

Single color and changing color are the two main types of LED lights available. Allow cooling and warm light are the colors which are available in single color bands. This is generally the ideal light if the aim is to create a hidden or subtle lighting effect.

For most consumers buy a lot of these bands to mount on the underside of the cabinets as well as kickboards to produce an attractive and functional lighting system; but they also work well when used to highlight or produce accent lighting to enhance the ambience of the house.