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best usb portable blender

Tips To Find The Best Blender For Your Money

If you are a cook, juice-shop owner, cares about your health, or just great to DIY, a quality blender could be a priceless addition to your kitchen. Here are 5 tips to help you find the blender awesome:

Electricity – this may not be the number one thing to look for in a blender, but it certainly does not help with everything you might want to use it for.

More power means you do not need to prepare your food as much when making smoothies – not cut your fruit into small pieces, let the blender do it for you. If you want to buy a good quality electric blender, then you can click

Blade design – All the horsepower in the world does not mean much if the blade is not designed well. The blades should be able to create a vortex, pull everything into the blender to chop them into small pieces.

Could fit under cabinets – Having a blender that cannot fit between the counter and overhead cabinets that can be a real pain! I cannot think how many times I would drop my blender if it does not fit perfectly under my closet.

Have a great warrantee – If you are going to get something that you want to survive in the long term, you have to really make sure he has a great warranty. For our purposes, let's say it should not be less than 7 years warranty.