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Tumbled Gemstone Pendants – Wear the Cool, Trendy Look

Dropped gemstone pendants have been used by both men and women since ancient times, although the term "fall" was coined not very long ago and is common in today's jewelry jargon. 

view my blog to know the difference between the gemstone modeling technique used by craftsmen in those early days and the way they made their version of the gemstone pendants these days. 

Centuries ago, craftsmen did not have the tools and techniques to model gemstones like those of today's jewelers. Therefore, these early craftsmen cut the found gemstones into small irregularly shaped pieces. 

These tiny pieces were then attached to dry weeds, straw, or animal skin and hung around his neck like a pendant made of precious stones. Perhaps the gemstone pendant worn by early humans was the first version of what jewelers today call the fallen gemstone pendant.

Torn gemstone pendants are a product of this process, which is very different from the manual shaping and polishing of gemstones that have been cut or moistened with cabochon. Although pure gemstones can be colorless and trendy. The droppings give gemstones a color that ranges from black, red, and blue. 

Polished and asymmetrical gemstones are made in closed drums that have rotating drums which in turn accelerate natural processes and create the final shape of the gemstone.