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Breast Cancer Screening

What Are The Ways of Doing Breast Cancer Screening?

Due to the increasing number of women who have breast cancer today, women are now being asked to do breast cancer screening. In this way, women will know whether they have breast cancer or not and treat them early. You can get more information about the screening test for breast cancer via online sources.

However, many women do not really know how to do a breast cancer screening. They think that breast cancer screening can only be done in one way. However, many do not realize that there are several ways of doing cancer screening.

Types of cancer screening are the most popular among women is one performed by a doctor during a routine examination. In this process, the doctor will feel the breast if there is a lump. In addition to this manual examination, the doctor can issue a request to perform some radiological or ultrasonic examination in a laboratory. 

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Mammography is the next breast cancer screening option done by professionals. This is a screening program that is used for accuracy and speed in generating results. It will be able to detect small lumps that may not be detected by the check-up guide. This means that mammography is effective in detecting cancer earlier stage.

If the mammogram can detect small lumps, using breast MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging will detect people who are too small for a mammogram. The good thing about the MRI is that it will be able to detect cancer cells in the breast benign. 

With increasing awareness of breast cancer, the type of screening is being taught to women because it will be very helpful for them to know if they have breast cancer or not. This is a good way for them to know it early and treat it well even before it can develop into a more serious problem.