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Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is often in the news, and many are touting the health benefits of green tea. There is a lot of research on green tea and its ability to fight cancer and heart disease.

A limited number of studies have also shown that this variety of tea may have a role in reducing your cholesterol, prevent diabetes and stroke, burn fat, and even may delay dementia. Tea is used to treat anxiety. You can buy tea to treat anxiety through

However, before you jump on the bandwagon, you need to understand you are going to drink more than one or two cups at least three to even better six cups a day is needed to get the benefits.

Moreover, how tea is made is important, using bags or loose tea is the optimal choice – it should be brewed. You do not get anything from the ice drinks you buy at the mini-mart.

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Green tea comes from the same plant, camellia Sinensis, as black and oolong tea, and even though each created using different processing methods (green tea has minimal processing) all usually brewed and drunk.

There are many varieties of green tea grown in regions around the world, allowing for natural differences in flavor and color that come as a result of growing conditions, harvesting, and processing.

Real-world evidence for the health benefits mainly come from the lab, and this makes the experts of advice everyone started drinking regularly.

There are large-scale studies that promise some humans on the impact of green tea on heart disease and cancer, but it is important to understand the research carried out in the East, where tea is part of the diet of each person and in which other foods and lifestyle factors can also contribute to the benefits.