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Chewing Gum Removal Company

Which Is The Best Gum Removal Machine?

Chewing gum should be one of the easiest cleaning jobs to do. The job description itself is clear and easy to hear. Melt or dissolve the rubber strip and extract the loose part. However, if you choose the wrong machine, everything else can go wrong.  If you are looking for more details about trusted chewing gum removal company then total line marking can provide you the best details.

Which Is The Best Gum Removal Machine?

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The best method of perception is to find the specification of the best cleaning machine for gum removal. Ideally, the engine should have a very high output temperature. Sometimes the gum residue is very old and blackened. Such a piece of rubber requires a high output temperature.

Two types of cleaning machines offer high output temperatures. Steam cleaners offer outlet temperatures of up to 386 ° F, while some steam pressurized washers offer outlet temperatures of up to 330 ° F for efficient gum removal.

Operation mode

That leaves us with steam cleaners and high-pressure cleaners. The two machines work differently. The steam generator is cleaned at a high temperature. On the other hand, the pressure washing system uses its high outlet pressure to clean the surface.


The process of removing chewing gum often occurs in buildings and places where people often gather, especially young people, eg. B. in shopping malls, stadiums, cinemas, and educational institutions.

The ideal gum removal machine should not only clean effectively but also allow the surface to dry. A steam cleaning device with dry steam release ensures the surface dries very quickly. The specificity of dry steam release is that the liquid water content at the outlet is less than 5 percent.