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Looking For Clothing Manufacturers

Profitability is the key to a business. To make money, all clothing businesses must get their clothes at a discount (overseas), in order to sell them at a competitive price.

This is probably some kind of automatism we have created over the years. Despite this, you know that you have many high-quality products made in the UK. 

If you search the internet for clothing manufacturers, nearly everyone will type "clothing manufacturer". People searching for clothing manufacturers in the UK had no intention of finding a competitor, however, it might be.

Shipping costs are also rising along with petrol prices. So the question is, how long can clothing manufacturers maintain this advantage? 

The average salary for a Chinese sewer was 120$ per month in Nov 2008. It is now closer to 200 USD (Oct 2012). In neighboring countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, etc., labor costs are about the same (in actual fact 5-10% less).

When choosing the right clothing manufacturer for you, remember to keep your eyes open and compare the UK with other emerging countries.

Many types of clothing can be made from fabric, including socks, pants, dresses, shirts, and even sheets. Clothing has many benefits, such as its hypoallergenic nature due to its naturally smooth fibers.