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colour changing ceiling light

An Introduction To The Color-changing RGB LED Strip

With a color-changing RGB LED strip, you can create a colorful, changeable atmosphere at the push of a button. It shares many of the same features as its monochrome counterpart, including full design flexibility, custom cutting options, and a 10-foot high adhesive base. 

However, there are some important differences that make it a completely interactive lighting experience. You can now also look for colour changing outdoor lights for your home online. 

Your Next Light Bulb should be a Color Changing Light Bulb

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First, there is the LED chip itself. Unlike the single color strip light LED chip, which can reproduce only one color, the color-changing strip has a smart RGB LED chip that can reproduce a large number of colors.

The reason for this is that each RGB LED chip is not actually a single chip, but three chips combined into one. The letters "RGB" mean red, green and blue and refer to the three primary colors that the LEDs mix at the source. 

By making these three colors in different quantities, they are able to reproduce a much wider variety of colors. The color produced by each LED is controlled by a signal sent to each of the three internal LEDs via the three signal wires (red, green, and blue) of the four-wire wires used by the color-changing strip. 

These signals come from the LED controller, which in turn is controlled remotely via infrared or radio frequency sensors. The controller is an auxiliary device that attaches between the LED driver and the strip light.