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Creative Content Marketing Strategies For Any Sized Budget in Atlanta

Creative content marketing, otherwise known as outside-of-the-box marketing is the process of using your noggin to entice more customers to purchase, more subscribers to opt-in, more people to call, or any other goal or benchmark you have in mind. Creative content marketing isn't difficult, but it does take some deep-thinking.

The following examples are designed to get the spark started so that you can create a creative content marketing campaign of your own.

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Content and Content Marketing Are Not the Same. Here's How to Frame the Top 11 Content Formats.

Custom Theme Design

Many businesses today are using content management systems (CMS) to help keep their online presence simple and organized. Whether you have an HTML site, a WordPress site, Joomla, or any other type, make sure your overall theme design meshes with your brand and overall mission statement.

If you can't draw worth a darn and you're colorblind or you just don't feel like designing a custom theme, find a team or individual designer who can complete the task. To ensure that you are completely satisfied with your custom theme design, spend time in a one-on-one Skype or another face-to-face meeting before the project commences.

Skype is recommended because it allows for excellent communication. Email is efficient, but some nuances are lost that could be delivered in a real-time face-to-face environment. Facial cues, tone of voice, and other nuances can hold a lot of meaning. If you want to be completely satisfied with the finished project, make sure the designer you choose is in touch with your vision.

Your vision for the design should come from your niche, your product or service, and your audience. If you are marketing hip clothing to teenagers, for instance, you will want to splash your page with high-quality photos of hip kids wearing your clothing. Choose colors that go well with your clothing designs and you will have an enticing web presence that your customers will love to visit.

A good recommendation is to take a look at all of your competitors and steal what they are doing right and then make it your own, only better. Improve on what works and you will succeed and surpass all of your direct competitors, thus securing far more of your share of the market.