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destruction and recycling

Why Is Complete Document Destruction So Important?

Each document ranges from creation to storage and destruction. The total destruction of documents is an important part of document management and can prevent white-collar crimes such as identity theft.

Everyone and every company is a potential source of sensitive and confidential information that must be destroyed safely.

And this information can be anything – from driver's license information, employee documents, credit card receipts, contracts signed to luggage tags.

If any of this data ends up in your trash, or worse, landfills, it becomes a fair game for anyone who catches it. You can check various online sources to get confidential document destruction services in Perth.

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What is identity theft?

Identification theft is a rapidly growing organized crime and billions of dollars in the industry use special infrastructure, highly specialized equipment, and the best skills to create fake identities.

Yes, we live in an era of digital technology and computer hacking is a big problem for most of us, but don't underestimate what can be done with information from physical paper.

What's scary is that people who work in this "industry" need a little information to steal your personal identity and get access to your bank account.

What information is used for identity theft?

• ATM vouchers and bank statements

• Canceled checks

• Investment documents

• All documents containing girl names

• Travel route

• Documents with a password or PIN number

• Information about SIM

• Credit card account

• slip up

• Passports and visas expire

• Identification labels such as identity cards and military documents

• All legal documents

• Copy of birth certificate

• Used airplane tickets

• Investment transactions

• Signed documents such as contracts and letters

• Tag the suitcase

• Credit report

• Medical documentation

• Tax information

• Electricity bills