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The Golden Key to Direct Mail Success

How do you get everything you want? By giving other people what they want. The golden key to business success is to remember one simple fact: never make a transaction about you. Make it about your customers and what they want not what they need.

Their wants will make you much more money. You have to hit their hot buttons with your best direct mail marketing. Self-interest reigns supreme in your customer's mind.

Example of certified clever direct mail

They're very passionate about what they want, far more so than what they need. The key elements of their wants are health, wealth, love, happiness, or derivatives of those. They also want to be recognized and appreciated. Do that, and they'll love you for it.

Realize also that they're all looking for a quick fix. When someone's in pain, any type of pain whatsoever, they want the fastest possible cure. They also want to keep what they already have. Recognize that, and look below the surface for what they're really after. If you fulfill those needs, you'll make a ton of money.

Let me put this bluntly: to be an effective marketer, you have to understand how self-centered all human beings are. Get inside their selfishness and appeal to it with your direct mail, so you can make your offers so powerful and appealing they fulfill whatever need the prospect has.