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Children’s Supplements: doTERRA Essential Oils

Diet is the foundation for health and well-being. What you put in your mouth every day can be good for or damage your health. This is very important in the development phase. Malnutrition in children can have long-term impacts on physical, cognitive and emotional health.

Fortunately, by combining three delicious nutritional supplements, doTERRA has provided a convenient answer for parents wondering how to support the nutritional needs of their picky eater. You can purchase doTERRA supplements online via

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Daily use of a2z Chewable, IQ Mega and PB Assist Jr. as well as a healthy and balanced diet provides the nutrients your child needs to maintain life-long health and vitality.

DoTERRA a2z chewables:

Studies show that micronutrient deficiencies can hinder physical and cognitive development in childhood. According to experimental studies, this can also affect health and productivity in adulthood1. a2z Chewable is designed to meet the micronutrient needs of children who struggle with large capsules.

IQ Mega:

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are an essential part of your diet because people don't have an internal process for their production. EFAs play a vital role in countless processes. The conventional modern diet does not contain the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that children need to support development and overall health2.

PB Assist Jr:

The gut microbiota plays a more important role in overall health than previously thought. Recent research has shown that the bacteria living in your gut not only support digestive and immune system health, but are also important for metabolism and mental health.