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face and neck lift

Will Neck Lift Surgery in San Francisco Fix My Jowls?

Many people find that they have a fairly large jaw as they age because the skin on the cheeks and neck tends to sag. If you get irritable easily, you will find that a neck lift is just what you need to solve the problem.

Surgery can help make your face and neck look much younger, and restore your original beauty to what it was before sagging skin. To have details on face and neck lift visit

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The fat deposits under your neck can be passed on to you from your parents, and a happy appearance can be passed on. As you get older, your skin ages with you. Aged skin usually has less collagen and elastin, two nutrients that keep it young, toned, and fresh. Without adequate nutrition, your skin will become loose or saggy, and the skin on your neck will make you look like a bulldog.

The neck lift is designed to solve this jaw problem. You will find that proper measures are needed to get rid of sagging skin on your neck. There are a number of other options such as Liposuction to remove fat deposits or neck contours. However, neck lifting appears to be one of the most effective procedures and has become very popular for those who want to extract their teeth for good.

What a neck lift means is the removal of excess skin under your neck, loose and sagging skin, to give you a pleasing look. The skin is removed from the neck and just below the jawline, and even neck muscles can be stretched and tightened as they relax with age.

If you have problems with excess skin under the neck you should visit the nearest San Francisco plastic surgeon's office to get their opinion on your problem.