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Know More About The Tribal Art Of West Africa

Wrought iron sculptures are found in a number of traditions, particularly in West Africa, including the Dogon, Bambara, Von, and Yoruba tribes.

Stone sculptures are in separate centers, using hard and soft stones. However, in one place there is usually little evidence of evolution over time. Ivory is a highly valued material in many parts of Africa. Pace African Art gallery in New York is very popular among people for their amazing sculptures and art of western africa.

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Its smooth texture makes it suitable for fine sculptures, while its rarity means it is used in many societies for objects of great prestige. African wooden sculptures were carved with similar tools all over the continent. 

The wood can be dropped with an ax, but the adz, with its sharp end at right angles to the shaft, is used for basic wood carving. The capabilities achieved with this instrument are astonishing to western observers.

Thin sawdust can be removed quickly and precisely, creating a surface that features a thin layer that captures light and adds visual interest. More complex work is done with a knife. A sharp iron rod heated in a fire can be used to drill holes in the mask to attach to the suit and allow the user to see. 

Sometimes the surface of the sculpture is polished with the side of a knife or sanded with a rough plate. The details are usually selected using the method of baking with a hot knife or wood carving dipped in mud to darken the surface before being smeared.