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Should You Hire A Structural Engineer to Inspect Your Foundation?

If you notice concrete cracks in your foundation that keep getting worse, or if your doors or windows don't close properly, you may need to hire a construction company to fix the foundation.

Before you do this, you should consider hiring a civil engineer who can perform a complete and thorough analysis of your foundation and make recommendations on what repairs you need to make.

Another benefit of hiring a civil engineer is that they can usually advise you on steps you can take in the future to prevent your foundation problem from recurring. You can also cover the new drain tile with engineered lightweight non-expandable stone to one foot from the top surface per WAFRP standards. 

It's also possible that unless your foundation is in a very critical condition, the engineer might only recommend a few precautions, such as Maintaining proper watering of the soil around your home year-round. In this case, you can save thousands of dollars by not having to hire a foundation repair company. 

By hiring the services of a civil engineer, you can ensure that the foundation will do the work necessary to completely level your home and rest assured that you won't have any problems in the future. Unless you hire an independent engineer in advance, you are in the hands of the Foundation repair company to tell you what repairs they think need to be done.