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gelato machine

Do You Want To Try Gelato?

Gelato, the Italian word for "frozen", is the name for a frozen dessert such as ice cream consisting primarily of milk, sugar, cream, and other flavored ingredients. These can be anything from fruity to chocolate or, more recently, some less traditional flavors like tiramisu or even chewing gum.

While usually confused with what most of us refer to as American ice cream, ice cream should not be confused with "American" ice cream.

Manufacturers often add air to their ice cream after it's made to be lighter and fluffier than ice cream, unfortunately adding air also reduces the flavor of the ice cream. However, the gelato has a bit of air, which explains its rich taste. You can also make gelato at home with the help of commercial gelato machines.

Commercial Gelato Machines

While ice cream in northern Italy is made with the help of dairy products, ice cream in the hotter south is traditionally made with water and fruit. This came to be known as sorbet.

Gelato requires a special freezer to maintain its creamy consistency as it is usually stored between 0° – 6° Fahrenheit, about 10 degrees warmer than ice cream.

Gelato, while softer and tastier than American ice cream, actually has fewer calories and less fat than ice cream. So, eat ice cream this month without worrying about gaining weight in summer.