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Breast Cancer – Symptoms, Stages, Causes, Diagnosis

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among the female population, just after lung cancer. From 1989, a surge has been recorded in the premier biorepository of human tissue after advancements in screening and treatment of invasive cancer. 


  • Pain in the breast or armpit; ongoing without any change

  • The skin of the nipple changes or discharge noticed

  • Visible indentation or flattening of the breast

  • A noticeable difference in the size, feel or shape of the breast tissue

  • Redness or pitting 

  • Peeling, scaling, or flaking of the skin 

Stages of Breast Cancer

The breast cancer diagnosis depends upon the tumor size and the extent to which the spread has taken place, whether it has affected the lymph nodes or other parts of the body. There are 0-4 stages of breast cancer categorized depending on various factors.


Until today, the exact reason for Breast cancer is unknown, but several risk factors must be seriously pondered.

Genetics: People are more likely to inherit the disease from the genes of their relatives if not parents. If a close relative was diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer, there is a high risk for the individual to inherit it.

Previous History: Females diagnosed with breast, peritoneal, ovarian or fallopian tube cancer earlier are highly susceptible to breast cancer once again. Hence, genetic testing must be carried out strictly.


There are several diagnosis methods available these days to enable early detection.

  • Breast Examination

  • Mammogram

  • Ultrasound

  • MRI