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global overpopulation

Understand the Impact Of Population Explosion On Environment

Our environment is being put under tremendous pressure by the rapid growth of our human population. While the environment is being polluted and depleted by developed countries, developing countries are facing increasing competition and are also under greater pressure to be economically competitive. 

This overpopulation the biggest threat we face – is not good for sustainable living on Earth's future. Global warming is one of the most damaging environmental effects of human population increase. Scientists fear that global warming could lead to extreme weather and rising sea levels in the future. 

global overpopulation

Forests are being cut at an alarming pace to provide food for the increasing population. The natural resources of the planet are also being used by humans at a high rate. Unrestrained fuel and energy consumption is causing the depletion of many non-renewable resources. A shortage of water and food is a problem in many parts of the globe. 

Our already limited resources are being squeezed harder by the growth of our population. Global population growth is putting pressure on the environment. To ensure that the planet's future is sustainable, we must address the depletion and destruction of biodiversity and resources as well as the production and disposal of waste and destruction of natural habitats.