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goal setting for hr manager

Tips To Be A Good Human Resource Manager

A Human Resource Manager is playing a vital role in any of the organization. He is a pool between the organization and the employees. There are varieties of work responsibilities he is handling, from appointing a new employee to monitoring their performance.

He always acts like some trouble shooter when any conflict arises between the upper management and lower-level employees. They are the maker and follower of the policies. They are playing the role of a leader in the human resource community as well.

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There are few additional skills that a successful Human Resource Manager must possess, these are as follows;

1. Effective communication: The human resource manager is a mediator between the management and the employees, he is having the ability to deal with both the parts and dissolve the conflicts if arises. We can say he is a multi-focused.

2. Good management skill: The main responsibility of the manager is to manage the human resources, he is managing different aspects of operations and doing so many things at one time will require to be organized. Manager must be able to manage their time, their resources, company's policies and regulations. They must be able to speak and write efficiently.

3. Multi-tasking skills: the multi-tasking skills are must for the manager as he is responsible for doing several works at the same time. The manager might have the recruitment at one end, and the conflict at the other end he has to deal with both with the patience.

4. Keep the secrets: the Manager has access to all types of confidential information about the company. They must adhere to the company policies as far as confidentiality and ethics are concerned.

5. Team-oriented: One of the major roles of HR managers is, he has to motivate the employee to bring out the hundred percent. A Manager has to appreciate team dynamics and discover ways to encourage different types of employees.