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First Time Home Buying Special Programs

When you first buy a home, you are likely to be bombarded with free advice from family members and friends, most of which may not apply to your particular situation. The best course of action is to learn firsthand about the loans available to first-time homebuyers. This means making an appointment with a loan or mortgage officer. 

Federal Housing Authority (FHA) loan products are usually the best option. FHA guidelines must be followed in order to qualify for their specific loan. These guidelines vary depending on the state in which you buy a home. You can navigate to this website to get the best home loans. What to expect:

1.- Loan limit how much buyers can borrow

2.- The buyer must prove that the deposit is 100% of the funds

3.- Minimum and maximum earning limits

4.- Debt to income ratio (DTI) must be at a certain level

An assessment of the home that the borrower intends to purchase should also be made. Assessors must be certified by FHA and produce reports with FHA-specific elements.

To be approved, properties purchased on loan from the FHA must meet minimum real estate standards. Mechanical and structural systems must be in good working order, including roofing, heating, plumbing, and electrical, to be FHA approved. Deficiencies identified in the FHA assessment should be addressed prior to completion.