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Choose Wheelchair Ramps Wisely

Being mobile and able to do daily routine activities freely is something most people take for granted. However, various reasons like accidents, medical conditions or injuries may affect an individual's mobility. Hence, they may need some type of mobility equipment to help them. Out of several types of mobility equipment, wheelchair ramps are quite common and useful. The first thing to consider is its primary purpose. You can order the best wheelchair ramps from

Based on the purpose, you can choose one of the following main types of ramps.

  • Solid 

Available in different sizes, these ramps can be ideal for low steps and thresholds. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Installation is easier than any other ramp as you need not unfold and arrange them. 

  • Modular 

These kinds of ramps are partially portable. Installing or uninstalling them may take more time than the fully portable variants. They may be suitable for places where you cannot build permanent ramps. Let's say, you have shifted to a new town and the construction.

  • Threshold 

As the name suggests, these ramps are ideal for low-rise obstacles like doorway thresholds. They are generally lightweight and easily portable. It takes hardly a few seconds to install or uninstall some of them like a fiberglass threshold ramp.