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Considering Furnace Repair Or Replacement? Beware!

It seems that almost everyone is now providing furnace repair or install a new one on the market today. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting consumers are being burned because of it.

If you're thinking about having your furnace repaired or replaced, there are a few things to note. If you only consider the cost, there is a possibility that you may find yourself getting short-changed. And even worse, you may face security problems. Here are some examples of "buyer beware":

-Even though many cities issue permits HVAC based tests, this business requires the expertise of a few people. This means that the test covers all areas that are very difficult to pass. You can also get reliable furnace services at

Lots of calls HVAC service company to go on another company's work involves fixing. You should not assume that the company has trained technicians.

-Because many HVAC installer does not serve their own products, customers are literally left in the cold. For companies that do their job service, it's not a given that they are providing the services "after hours".

-Don't assume that there is a high level of competence with any HVAC company. It pays for you to do a little research, and even contact the BBB first. Many companies come and go rather quickly. Find one that has been around for several years, and you have found one that may do a lot of things well.