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Facts You Should Know About Printer Consumables

Printer consumables are often overlooked when considering printer purchases. However, given their important role in ensuring the maintenance and functionality of your equipment, it is clear that consumables rank high on any organization's office supply list.

Here are some facts you might not know about printer consumables.

Consumables are more than just cartridges. Printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and other supplies including printer drums and printer fuser units are all classified as 'consumables,' or products that are purchased repeatedly as part of your printer's routine maintenance. If you're considering to buy 'domino inks, fluids and compatible products visit Camainks' and grab the pocket-friendly deals.

Printer consumables can be recycled. Of the more than 65 million printer cartridges sold in the UK each year, only about 15 percent are recycled or reused. Many leading printer manufacturers such as OKI, HP and Lexmark offer recycling programs that allow you to return your used ink and toner cartridges via Freepost.

Consumables approved by the manufacturer are the best. Cheap ink and toner cartridges can not only affect your printing quality but also potentially damage your printer and void your warranty. The consumables recommended by your manufacturer have been designed to work with your hardware and produce quality prints.

High-capacity consumables can increase the affordability of your printer. Buying a cheap printer is not always the same as additional savings if you replace ink and toner more often than necessary.

Reasons Why You Should Choose An Inkjet Printer?

Inkjet printer color reproduction quality has been recognized for its ability to outshine their competitor's laser and ink tank integrated printer continues to provide superior performance in this area.

But in addition to live, photographic reproductions on paper glossy photo media, users can look forward to a crisp, black and white prints smudge-resistant, together with the distinctive quality of a laser printer.

Environmentally friendly

The benefits of low power consumption are not only reflected in the balance sheet. SMEs are now increasingly aware of the need to protect our environment and reduce the use of high-tech inkjet printer's power is a definite plus. A high-capacity ink tank combines with the reduced use of paper to reduce the overall environmental burden.

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In fact, if we evaluate the entire product life cycle, from manufacture to transportation, use, scrapping and recycling, the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions from the business inkjet printer Epson much lower than the laser.


In addition to the basic capabilities of printing, copying, and scanning, the integrated ink tank printers come with auto-duplex functionality and a range of connectivity features, all of which contribute to cost-effective speed and quality systems.

Its Wi-Fi Direct feature allows printing easy and flexible joints and mobile and also allows you to connect up to four devices to the printer without a router.

All in all, the most advanced inkjet technology is now essential requirements for multi-functional SME office printer – a cost-effective high-speed output, exceptional print quality on some types of paper, and all wrapped up in an environmentally friendly package.