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Laser Mole Removal

Some Facts About Laser Mole Removal Treatment

Laser mole removal is one of the most common techniques for removing unwanted moles. This technique is only suitable for treating flat moles that are black or brown in color. Laser mole removal is not an effective method for raised moles or deep moles because the laser beam cannot penetrate deep enough to treat mole cells.

Laser treatment uses light technology that uses a laser beam to open the cells of the treated mole. Therefore, no cutting or stitching is required. For this reason, scarring is rare with laser birthmark removal techniques because the laser beam seals the blood vessels. This treatment is a good option, you can book your appointment to get laser mole removal treatment on face at CLNQ clinic.

Laser Mole Removal Treatment, Laser Mole Removal

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Your skin will feel a slight tingling sensation as the laser pulses during the process. Depending on the size of the mole, larger moles may take longer to treat. The treated area will turn red and darker after treatment. The mole then develops into a scab. Do not remove the scab prematurely; this causes scarring. It usually takes about 2 weeks for scabies to go away naturally.

After removing a mole with a laser, it is very important to take care of it. Try to avoid sun exposure as much as possible and apply sunscreen to protect the newly developing skin for at least 2 months. Once you learned how laser treatment for mole removal works and what its benefits are, you will definitely like the treatment.