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Factors To Consider To Find The Right Vape Juice For You

If you're using a basic e-cigarette or a sophisticated vape mod, you'll have to choose the right nicotine strength for you. The key is to know to select an amount of nicotine that is too low, you're less likely to be able to experience vaping as satisfying enough, and you'll be less likely to quit smoking cigarettes successfully. 

After you've selected the nicotine strength you'd like to test, there is a myriad of alternatives to choose from and aspects to think about when choosing the perfect vape juice that is right for you. Here are some helpful tips to help you start.

  • E-liquid to give a strong and powerful throat. If you are used to smoking cigarettes, you could actually relish the harshness in the back of your throat. Choose an e-juice with a higher PG that will be able to recreate the sensation you be missing when you stop smoking cigarettes. You can click on to buy nic salt juice.


  • E-liquid that smooths the tongue hit. If the harsh throat strike isn't a good fit for you, you've got two choices. The first is to choose nicotine salts, which make the throat feel more comfortable and also deliver nicotine more quickly. You can also opt for a juice with higher VG however, they are more preferred by those who have higher-end equipment and prefer more massive, more intense puffs of nicotine.
  • E-liquid designed for Cigalikes. If you want your vape-cigarette experience to be more similar to the feel of smoking cigarettes, there are a few choices. Also, a liquid with a higher PG will give you a more powerful flavor that's more similar to cigarettes. 

When you go to the store to purchase the first bottle of E-liquid you'll be able to discover a vast range of options. The flavor you choose to go with is very personal and the best way to discover your favorite flavors is to experiment.