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Advantages Of Laser Surgery

Laser surgery has been introduced by the Russian, where a laser beam is used to operate instead of a scalpel. Laser surgery is when a luminous beam is focused on a very small area and it warms the cell in this area till they break.

Laser surgery can be used for cosmetic and medical purposes. It can be classified into different categories, each with a specific use and its insurance is also important.

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The color of the luminous beam used to operate is directly related to the type of surgery and the color of the tissue being treated. Laser surgery is commonly used in the eye.

The techniques used are LASIK, which is practiced to improve near and farsightedness in vision, and keratectomy, a method that reshapes the cornea permanently using a laser to remove a small amount of tissue.

These provide intense light in the targeted areas of the skin. The various applications of laser surgeries include:

Lasik: Lasik surgery is used to treat refractive error. A refractive error is an eye disorder where visions become blurred. LASIK reshapes the layers below the stratum and processes the refractive error.

Keratectomy: This procedure involves reshaping the cornea without cutting the flap. When these surgeries are performed, taking insurance is also vital.

Laser Thermal Keratoplasty: The surgeon makes corneal burns to make the deep area allow better near vision refractive phototherapeutic (PTK): This removes clotting corneal surface irregularities.