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Process To Configure Range Extender Through WPS Button

Did you know that your Netgear Wifi range extender can be configured using the WPS button? If your answer is no then this post is only for you. Keep reading the post to get answers to all the queries related to the configuration of Wi-Fi range extender via WPS button.

Configure Wi-Fi Range Extender Via WPS Button:

1. Connect the range extender to the power supply, which is in the close proximity of your router.

2. Push the WPS button on the router for 2-3 seconds.

It is crucial for you to note that once you have pushed the WPS button on the router, then you have to push the same button on the Wi-Fi range extender within 2 minutes. Pushing the button after two minutes will not help you in setting up the wifi range extender. So, timing is very important aspect of this process. This process is a bit complicated than how to setup a WiFi, so you need to pay attention towards it.

After you push the WPS button on the Router, see the WPS LED blinking. If the LED doesn’t blink, then push the button again. Keep doing it until the LED blinks. The same needs to be done for the Wi-Fi Range extender as well because you need to see that LED blinking in order to assure that the WPS function is working in the right way.

3. The whole WPS process take two minutes to perform. So, keep patience and wait for two minutes. It doesn’t matter what color you see or how many signal bars are there on the device. If you have pushed the WPS button on both devices in same time, then you are not likely to face any problem in connecting your Range Extender to the router/AP.

4. If you see the wireless signal LED turning off after two minutes, then the WPS process has failed. You will have to try one or more of the above-mentioned steps of WPS operation one or more times to form this process work. You can go to www mywifiext net login and see if your range extender is correctly setup or not.

5. Finally, you can place the Wi-Fi Range extender in a place where you would like to increase the coverage of the wireless signal. There is no need to repeat the above-mentioned process because when you plug in the range extender, then it is going to connect automatically.