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oil investing in tennessee

How Do Oil and Gas Investment Companies Locate and Recover Oil?

Geologists are responsible for the discovery of oil in different locations. They use a variety of techniques to find oil because they studied the area for conditions that would indicate the presence of trapped oil.

Finding the right source rocks and reservoir rocks will lead directly to the presence of oil. Satellite imagery is also used in figuring out the area where the oil can be present, in addition to studying the surface rocks and terrain.

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They use many techniques including the use of sensitive gravity meter, which shows very small changes in the Earth's gravitational field, which can indicate the presence of oil flowing.

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Seismological techniques are also used where a shock wave passing through the layers of rock, and the reflected waves were studied to check for the presence of oil. So, once geologists made a discovery, preparations were made to extract oil through drilling.

Before drilling can begin, the site where drilling should be done needs to be prepared. This preparation includes building access roads to the drilling site and finds a source of water.

If there are no natural resources available in the vicinity, the hole was created to dispose of rock cuttings that can be pulled out during drilling. The holes are covered in plastic to prevent environmental problems. If the site is ecologically sensitive, extraction needs to transport away from the site.

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