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How Is The Edge Crush Tester Used For Packaging?

Currently there are two types of test methods used in the packaging industry to determine the strength of paper and corrugated board. Generally, the standard test method is the burst strength tester which roughly handles corrugated materials and explains the force required to break the board. This effect is directly related to the ability of the box to withstand internal and external forces.

Then a new standard packaging testing procedure was introduced which is used worldwide – the edge crush tester. It is a very reliable testing method that provides the best performance with accurate results. This is directly related to the determination of the stacking strength of the box and is calculated by pressing the section of the panel from the edge of the sample between the two rigid panels until the maximum load is recorded.

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The edge crush test is a test method used to measure the pressure in the transverse direction of a corrugated cardboard test specimen. This test provides comprehensive information about the crush resistance of a particular panel. This device ensures a precise connection with maximum compressive strength from the top to the bottom of an empty container under laboratory conditions. 

The strength and capacity of corrugated cardboard boxes is determined by many material testing procedures, including edge crush testing. This test attempts to analyze the compressive strength of empty, regular, single-layer and double-layered containers from top to bottom based on various physical and mechanical properties.

Edge crush testers are highly reliable testing devices that help assess and improve the quality of materials used in the packaging industry. Tools are designed according to different standards.