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Introduction About Employee Screening And Drug Tests

Employee screening is a major concern for businesses of all sizes. The employees with bad habits may cause disturbances in the work environment and even injure other workers. Ultimately, there may be a severe cost to the company and even loss of life.

That’s why hiring expertise for drug screening is essential. Drug testing is now part of the screening program of many companies employees. You can get more information about employee screening via

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Here, we’ll explore why it is done and how to do drug tests.

The importance of drug testing

There are several important reasons including drug testing in your employment screening program. The abuse of drugs in the workplace can have a huge impact on productivity and other worker safety. People who have a drug problem are more likely to be absent from work, unreliable in their positions and more prone to theft and other crimes.

Also, addicts often have a bad attitude that makes working with them difficult. Another reason why drug testing is essential is that workers who are under the influence of drugs often make mistakes in the workplace. This can lead to injuries (for drug abusers or other workers) and the costly demands for workers’ compensation.

How do drug tests

First, you need to check with your state’s laws regarding drug testing. Each state has its regulations. Some allow the candidates to test drugs after a job offer has been made.

Second, create an official drug policy for your business. The policy should include a clear explanation of how and when the drug test is administered for employee screening.

Third, make sure you have all candidates sign a consent form. Both the drug policy and the consent form must clearly explain the steps in the test. Including drug tests in your employee screening program protects your staff and your business.