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Physical Therapy Treatments

Preparing for Your First Physical Therapy Session in NY

If you are recovering from an injury or surgery you may have to undergo physical therapy rehabilitation. If you have been in an accident and suffered neck, back or leg injury that required surgery you will most likely need therapy to regain flexibility, strength, coordination and reduce pain.

As with any medical appointment first visit to a physical therapist can cause anxiety and anxiety but if you prepare well and know what to expect you can make your visit comfortable experience that will keep you on the road to recovery. You can also search online for the services of physical therapy in New York.

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The best way to prepare for a physical therapy appointment is to know what to expect. Chances are you are undergoing rehabilitation as part of the recovery program and would have been referred to a physical therapist by your primary care physician.

There is no harm to search online for information about a therapist and practice to read reviews from former patients who can give them insight into how the session went. The purpose of most of the first session is to give the patient a physical evaluation and set goals for treatment.

A therapist might want to check your flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, posture and heart rate before starting any program. In addition to evaluating therapists will want to review your medical history including a recent injury or surgery.