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prefab mezzanine

Introducing Industrial Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors are semi-permanent arrangement that create a new level between existing floors and roofs when constructed inside an existing building. They are a very economical way to create additional space in an existing building.

If you need to increase your business and the cost of moving or expanding your space seems too high, prefab industrial mezzanine can be the answer by doubling the available space.

Mezzanine can have many applications that can be used for storage (high storage platforms), maintenance structures, work areas, production areas, offices and retail spaces. The flexibility of the mezzanine system is unlimited and a very cost-effective way to potentially double the usable space.

Mezzanine floors are not only a cost-effective expansion solution, but can also be an excellent way to consolidate business into smaller and more profitable spaces by making full use of the available space.

The most important consideration for each mezzanine is the height of the floor. The minimum roof height is generally available approx. 4,500 m is the minimum requirement to achieve a good enough headroom on the ground floor and on the first floor.

The use of mezzanine is very important because it affects the fulfillment of building regulations. If mezzanine is to be used as a work area or for retail purposes, appropriate access for persons with disabilities in accordance with Part M of the Building Regulations must be considered.

This can usually be achieved by providing a suitable ladder (section M). In addition, mezzanine floors used as work areas or for retail purposes must meet more stringent fire safety and evacuation requirements for storage platforms. All mezzanines are evaluated based on proposed uses and interpreted accordingly.